New Feature – Cash Transactions

We have recently added a new feature.   You can now add cash transactions to your portfolio.  To add a cash transaction, click the New menu and then choose the “New Cash Transaction” menuitem from the drop down menu.  In the popup dialog, add the date of the cash transaction and the amount of the transaction.

Add Cash Transaction
Add Cash Transaction

Once you have added a cash transaction, any non-reinvested dividends added to your other investments will be added to your cash.

Portfolio Analysis – New Feature

We have recently added a new feature.   You can now get an analysis of  your account and portfolios.  To perform a portfolio analysis click the Tools menu and choose Analyze Portfolio from the drop down menu.

Portfolio Analysis


Our portfolio analysis feature provides you an performance overview of your account/portfolio.  You can easily see how your account/portfolio is performing over time, the holdings in your account/portfolio and performance metrics for each investment in your account/portfolio.

If you have multiple portfolios, the analysis page will first display how your entire account is performing.  You can see performance metrics for each individual portfolio and a graph showing the growth of your account over time.  In addition you can see your account’s investment holdings and a ranking of each investment return.  The analysis will also provide performance metrics on each investment.  You can see which investment is your best/lowest for the day, quarter and the year.  A list of your best investments and a list of your lowest investments is also provided.

If you want to see an analysis of each individual portfolio click on the portfolio name in the portfolio summary table.  You will then be shown an analysis for that portfolio.  You will get the same graphs and performance metrics that were provided on the account level, but for the individual portfolio.

If you only have one portfolio, by default you will be shown the analysis for your only portfolio.


New Features in the Portfolio Manager

We have added a few new features to the portfolio manager.


You can now create multiple portfolios to group your investments from multiple accounts.  For example, you can have a portfolio for your stocks, mutual funds and 401k.  To create a new portfolio click the New menu and then choose the New Portfolio menuitem.  Click here to learn more about portfolios.

New Performance Metrics/Columns

We have added a few new performance metrics – Quarter Return, P/E ratio and Dividend Yield.  To see these columns in your portfolio click the Options menu and then choose the Change Columns menuitem.

Maximize Portfolio

There are times when all the investments in the top portion of your portfolio don’t display.  To see all of your investments you have to scroll around.  We have added the ability to maximize the portfolio so that we display as many investments as we can.   To maximize your portfolio click the three line graphic in the upper left hand corner of your portfolio and choose Maximize from the drop down menu.  The top portion of your portfolio will be expanded and the transaction section will be moved down to accommodate the investments section.  This just gives you a way to make the most of your screen space and display more of your investment data.  To restore your portfolio in panes (the default setting) click the Restore menuitem from the drop down menu.

Do you have any ideas for a new feature? Contact us and let us know.





Creating multiple portfolios – New Feature

We recently added a new feature to your EquityStat portfolio manager. You can now create multiple portfolios for your account. Having multiple portfolios gives you the ability to group and separate your investments. For example, you can have a portfolio for your individual stocks, a portfolio for your mutual funds and a portfolio for your 401K.

To add a new portfolio click the New menu and then chose the New Portfolio menuitem from the dropdown menu.

New Portfolio

You will then see two new tabs. A tab for your current portfolio and a tab for your new portfolio.

Portfolio icons

To edit the name of your portfolio click the pencil icon, which will display an edit box.

Edit Portfolio Name

Next type over the current portfolio name with the new portfolio name and click the Save button.

View portfolio investments

To view the investments of each portfolio click on the portfolio’s tab. From here you can also add new investments to the portfolio as well as edit investments.

To view the view the performance all your entire account (all portfolios) click the Account Value box at the top.

To delete a portfolio first delete all the investments in the portfolio. Once the portfolio is empty, click the ‘X’ icon in the portfolio tab.