New Feature – Preferences

We have recently added a new feature called preferences which gives you the ability to change how your EquityStat portfolio works.

Currently, you can change how EquityStat calculates performance metrics, how cash transactions work and if you want the option to interact with a financial website.

To change your preferences, click the Options menu and choose Change Preferences from the drop down menu.

EquityStat Stock Portfolio Tracker Preferences Screen Shot
Preferences Screen Shot

In the Performance Metrics section, you can change how performance metrics are calculated.  You can choose to include or disregard dividends and realized gains when calculating the performance of your investments.  By default dividends and realized gains will be used in the performance metrics.

In the Cash Transactions section, you can choose to enable the ability to track cash in your portfolio.  If you do track cash, then there are a few other options you can turn on. If you enter a dividend transaction for one of your investments, then the dividend amount can be added to cash.  If you buy an investment, then the amount paid for the investment will be deducted from your cash.  If you sell an investment, then the amount earned from the sale will be added to your cash.

In the General section, you can turn on the ability to have a link next to your investment symbol/name that will bring up the details of your investment on MSN Money’s website.  For example, if you have Microsoft in your portfolio, you can click on a link which will launch MSN Money’s website with financial details on Microsoft’s stock.  From there you can see news about Microsoft and financial details like P/E, earnings per shares, etc.

In the future, we will be adding more preferences.  If there are any preferences you want to add, please email our support department.