MSN Money Investment Portfolio Discontinued

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s investment portfolio manager from MSN Money is being discontinued. At one time MSN Money’s portfolio manager was one of the best portfolio managers out there. If you were a previous user of MSNs portfolio manager and want an alternative, consider EquityStat’s portfolio manager.

EquityStat has many of the same features that MSN Money’s portfolio manager has. You can easily see the value of your entire portfolio as well as the current gain/loss your portfolio. In addition you can see calculations for each individual investment (stock, mutual fund, ETF) such as today’s gain/loss, the percentage gain since you owned the investment, the investment’s realized gain, the stock’s annualized return and many other calculations.

EquityStat also displays all of the transactions for each investment in your portfolio. You can easily add, edit and delete any of these transactions. You can import these transactions into your portfolio by either manually entering them or importing them from a spreadsheet.

MSN money is not being kind to their previous users. Since Microsoft announced the discontinuation, many users have been unable to access their previously entered data. With EquityStat you will never be put in this situation. One of our features is the ability to export each investment’s transactions to a spreadsheet. This way you have a permanent backup for safe keeping.

If you liked MSNs portfolio manager and are disappointed to see it go, checkout EquityStat!

EquityStat – Who, What and Why?

Who is EquityStat?

EquityStat is a powerful yet easy to use investment portfolio application. It was developed by investors for investors. The old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” was the driving force behind the founding of EquityStat. We found that the existing tools necessary to track, manage and financially evaluate investments were inadequate.

Why EquityStat?

EquityStat wanted a way to track and manage all of our investments in one application from the cloud. As many investors know, your investments are scattered about many brokerages, mutual funds and retirement plans. Our goal was to create an application where investors could manage all of their investments in a single location. In addition we wanted to be able to access investments from any computer or device. Whether at home, work or at the accountant’s office, we wanted to be able to access our investment portfolio.

What is EquityStat?

  • Manage all of your Financial InvestmentsHandles all of your stock, bond, ETF and mutual fund investments from all of your brokerages
  • Track the Performance of your InvestmentsAnalyze your individual investments and your overall portfolio
  • Generate Tax ReportsSupports IRS tax reporting requirements
  • View your Investment Portfolio on all of your DevicesWeb based portfolio management tool that you can view on any computer or tablet