Microsoft’s Portfolio Manager Discontinued

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s investment portfolio manager from MSN Money is being discontinued. At one time MSN Money’s portfolio manager was one of the best portfolio managers out there. If you were a previous user of MSNs portfolio manager and want an alternative, consider EquityStat’s portfolio manager.

EquityStat has many of the same features that the old MSN Money’s portfolio manager has. You can read about the similarities here.  If you try out EquityStat, you will find that it has many differences as well.

One of the main difference between EquityStat and Microsoft’s portfolio manager is Microsoft’s portfolio manager is written in Silverlight.  Silverlight is a web browser plugin that works with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser.  Unfortunately, other browsers like Apple’s Safari  do not support Silverlight.  This means that you cannot use Microsoft’s portfolio manager on Safari.  Since Safari is the web browser for iPads and iMacs, you cannot use Microsoft’s portfolio manager on Apple platforms.

In comparison, EquityStat is written in HTML.  This means that EquityStat can run on any platform that supports a commercially available web browser.  So, you can use EquityStat’s portfolio manager on a Windows PC, Windows tablets, Apple iMac, iPad, Android tablets,  and any other computer or device that has a web browser.

If you were a previous user of Microsoft’s portfolio manager and are looking for a replacement, checkout EquityStat.