MSN Portfolio Manager Discontinued

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s investment portfolio manager from MSN Money has been discontinued. At one time MSN Money’s portfolio manager was one of the best portfolio managers out there. If you were a previous user of MSNs portfolio manager and want an alternative, consider EquityStat’s portfolio manager.

We are hearing from a lot of frustrated former MSN portfolio manager users. Many of you have lost years and years of data.  If you read MSN Money’s forums, there is some discussion about users being able to get their MSN portfolio data into a spreadsheet.  If Microsoft does offer to do this, we will help any user getting their data into EquityStat.  Or if you already have your data in a spreadsheet, we can also help you.  You can also manually enter your transactions into EquityStat too.

In addition if there is any feature that you liked in the old MSN portfolio manager that is missing in EquityStat, let us know. We will seriously consider adding this feature as well as any other feature you might find useful.  Our goal is to keep enhancing EquityStat to give our users the features and services they want!

If you have any questions, please contact us using our support page.  We will answer any questions or comments you have.