New Feature in EquityStat’s Stock Portfolio Tracker

We have added a new feature to our Stock Portfolio Tracker application. When you enter a new stock/investment or add a new transaction for an existing stock/investment, the price of the investment is automatically displayed in the Price field. The price that is displayed is the closing or current price for the date of the transaction. If this price is not correct, you can override the price by entering the correct price.

This feature was designed in case you don’t know the exact price you purchased or sold a stock for, the price is automatically filled in for you and you don’t have to look it up. If you do know the exact price, you can override the filled in price with the correct price.

EquityStat Stock Portfolio Tracker New Feature - Auto Price
Example of Auto Price

For example, if your purchased Apple stock on January 12, 2023 the price of $134.56 will automatically be filled in since this was the closing price on January 12th. If you purchased Apple for a lower or higher price, you can edit the price to the correct price.

This feature also comes in handy when you want to see what price a stock was trading for a past date. Just select the stock, enter the date and you will see the price for that date.