Google Finance Portfolios Going Away

If you haven’t heard, Google Finance stock portfolio manager is being discontinued. If you were a previous user of Google Finance portfolio manager and want an alternative, consider EquityStat’s portfolio manager.

EquityStat has many of the same features that Google Finance portfolio manager has. You can easily see the value of your entire portfolio as well as the current gain/loss your portfolio. In addition you can see calculations for each individual investment (stock, mutual fund, ETF) such as today’s gain/loss, the percentage gain since you owned the investment, the investment’s realized gain, the stock’s annualized return and many other calculations.

EquityStat also displays all of the transactions for each investment in your portfolio. You can easily add, edit and delete any of these transactions. You can import these transactions into your portfolio by either manually entering them or importing them from a spreadsheet.

In addition you can create multiple portfolios, see performance graphs of your investments and analyze the holdings of your portfolio.

EquiityStat Stock Portfolio Analysis
EquiityStat Stock Portfolio Analysis

If you need help importing your Google Finance portfolio into EquityStat, contact our support staff here.

If you liked Google Finance portfolio manager and are disappointed to see it go, checkout EquityStat!